#0470  Late Ming Blue White Boys Jar Wanli Tianqi c 1610-1625 **Sold**
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#0470 Late Ming Blue White Boys Jar Wanli Tianqi c 1610-1625 **Sold**

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A rare late Ming Dynasty thickly potted jar decorated in underglaze blue with a key-fret pattern around the neck; on the shoulder a Kraak style diaper pattern encloses four circular panels, each containing a fruiting peach branch; above the foot are stylized breaking waves; the large central area is painted on each side with nine boys, at leisure, in a garden setting. "Hundred Boys" jars with very similar decoration are to be found dating to the Jiajing reign (1522-1566) but this jar was made later, probably for export, circa 1610-1625 during the reign of either the Wanli or the Tianqi emperor.
Condition - there is fritting (production glaze loss) to the rim and there are chips to the foot rim; there are two cracks to the rim which are probably firing (production) cracks and there are various cracks and glaze imperfections to the body but there are no repairs and there has been no restoration.
19cm (7.5inches) high; 19cm (7.5inches) diameter. Weight - 1.5kg (3lb 5oz).


 明晚期 青花童子罐 明万历/天启 约1610-1625 一件明晚期青花童子罐。胎体细

腻厚重,罐口一圈回字纹,肩部“克拉克”风格的开光装饰由四 个菱形花纹和四个花果枝叶交替组成,足部则是一圈海水纹。主体部分两面各有九个童子在花园里戏耍。类似装饰风格的”百子罐“可见于明嘉靖时期 (1522-1566),但此罐稍晚,应为外销品,作于约1610-1625明万历/天启年间。 品相:口沿有毛口,圈足有小磕。口沿另有两道冲,或为烧造过程中所致。罐身部分有不同程度的冲缝和釉面缺陷,但无修补或修复。 高19厘米,直径19厘米。重1.5公斤。

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