#0169 Malayan "Kingfisher" Kris with Pamir Blade , 19th/20th Century **Sold** to Malaysia

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A rare 19th or early 20th century Malayan kris with an attractive pamir/pamor steel blade. The hilt has a (probably replacement) metal collar and a finely carved Garuda head in "kingfisher" form. The wood scabbard is decorated with engraved Straits Chinese style white metal bands depicting Buddhist emblems.

Condition: there are old losses to the 'flared' top of the scabbard and the left 'ear' of the Garuda head is missing. Unusually there is no damage to the 'nose'. The old blade is in very good condition. Total length

42.5cm(16.7inches) Blade 33cm(13inches) long.

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