#0960  Rare Korean Bronze Pear-shaped Vase Koryo (936-1392)  *Price on Request*
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#0960 Rare Korean Bronze Pear-shaped Vase Koryo (936-1392) *Price on Request*

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A rare, finely cast, pear shaped bronze vase coated with copper oxide ("malachite") encrustation. This item was made in Korea in the 12th or 13th Century during the Koryo dynasty (AD 936-1392).

Condition: unusually, very good - there is a 2mm hole in the foot (possibly drilled at the time of making for a strengthening rivet)- please view enlargement 7 - and there are a number of shallow scarcely visible bumps, the largest with associated surface abrasion. There are no splits or cracks and there has been no restoration.

32cm (12.5inches) high; 17.5cm (6.8inches) wide Weight: 1.24kg (2lb 12oz).

12或13世纪 青铜玉壶春瓶 - 古朝鲜高丽王朝时期(公元936-1392年间)

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