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. .  and to our shop website

We hope that this site will be an introduction to our shop and will function as a 'shop window' providing an opportunity to view some of our stock.

We are not an online shop and do not process online sales but if you do see something that you think you might wish to purchase we'll be happy to reserve it for you, to look at, until you have the opportunity to visit Liverpool. 

We include many "sold" items within the categories sections in the hope that our images and descriptions might be a useful reference and will give a 'taster' of the variety of things which pass through the shop. 

To view some of our most recent additions please use the 'All Items' tab .
To use the picture enlargement function please click on magnifier icon.

For a brief history of the shop, please got to "About Us" tab.


Sundays       12 to 6 pm

Mondays       12 to 6 pm

Tuesdays       12 to 6 pm

Wednesdays      CLOSED

Thursdays          CLOSED

Fridays           12 to 6 pm

Saturdays       12 to 6 pm

We will often be on the premises when we are closed. It will sometimes be possible to visit by appointment. 

When you come to our Liverpool shop feel free to come in and wander around and please never feel that you have to buy something in order to keep us happy. It's always a pleasure to have people visit.



75 Renshaw Street,

Liverpool, L1 2SJ

For directions please visit the "Contact us" details in the "About us " tab on our menu bar

Email: intandane69a@yahoo.co.uk

Tel: +44(0)151 708 8873


The virus is still active throughout the UK . 7 out of 10 people who have Covid-19 do not show symptoms. Some asymptomatic people can be highly infectious.

When visiting the shop please 'socially distance' as much as possible. Indoor crowding is very high risk.

The virus is released through small droplets and aerosols and can be passed on via prolonged conversation so, to protect yourselves and others, please ALWAYS WEAR A MASK OR FACE COVERING while you are in our building.