About the Shop


"69A" is located in Liverpool City Centre, within half a mile of Lime Street Station, Liverpool One, both Cathedrals and the Liverpool Universities.

We have traded continuously since the spring of 1976, initially from a space in the Stratford House Antique Market (Birmingham) selling 20th Century Decorative Objects. By the summer of that year we were to be found in the Birmingham Rag Market selling 1950's vintage clothes to a small band of enthusiasts. We relocated to Liverpool in September 1976, initially in Aunt Twacky's Bazaar, Mathew Street (home of the original Cavern). Our first shop opened in the beginning of 1977 at 81 Renshaw Street, above David Land's Wine Merchants, in the former offices of the legendary Merseybeat Newspaper.

As we had no name, we quickly became known by our customers as "81A" (the number on our door). During our four year stay at 81A we were known for selling 'Punk' fashions as well as 1950's and 1960's clothing. From 1980 to 1988 we occupied most of 69 Renshaw Street and renamed ourselves as "69A". During our stay at number 69 we became well known throughout Merseyside. 

We moved to our present home, 75 Renshaw Street, in December 1988 bringing the 69A name with us. We occupy a large early 19th Century building which, for most of the 20th Century, was owned by Quiggin Bros, who were originally Marine and Architectural Engineers and Ironmongers and whose door "fittings" can be found in the Liver Building, the Empire State Building and even on the Titanic.

We are firmly established in this building which we now own. There are six of us working here at present and we have all been working here for many years. We carry a large eclectic mix of stock from all ages and from most parts of the world with prices ranging from 50 pence to thousands of pounds. We are slowly filling up our website but it will never be able to display more than a small proportion of our stock.. Some items pictured online are not kept in the shop. Our website functions primarily as a virtual shop window but if you are intending to travel to "visit" an item, please contact us first so we can make arrangements in advance for you to view it.